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Terms & Conditons

Accessing, Browsing or otherwise using the site indicates your agreement to all the terms and condition under these terms of use, So please read the terms of use carefully before proceeding. By impliedly or expressly accepting these Terms of Use, You also accept and agree to be bound by RightProcess Services Pvt Ltd Policies (including but not limited to Privacy Policy available at Privacy) as amended from time to time.

For the purpose of these Terms of Use, wherever the context so requires "You","User" and “Vendor” shall mean any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a buyer on the Platform by providing Registration Data while registering on the Platform as Registered User using the computer systems. The term “Kaynaat”, "We", "Us", "Our" shall mean RightProcess Services Private Limited


Use of Kaynaat is available only to persons who can form a legally binding contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. If you are under the age of 18, you cannot buy or sell any items on the Site. If you wish to purchase or sell an item on the Site such purchase or sale may be made by your legal guardian or parents who have registered as users of the Site.

If You use the Platform, You shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Display Name and Password and You shall be responsible for all activities that occur under your Display Name and Password. You agree that if You provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete or We have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or not in accordance with the this Terms of Use, We shall have the right to indefinitely suspend or terminate or block access of your membership on the Platform and refuse to provide You with access to the Platform.

Your mobile phone number and/or e-mail address is treated as Your primary identifier on the Platform. It is your responsibility to ensure that Your mobile phone number and your email address is up to date on the Platform at all times.

You agree that Kaynaat shall not be liable or responsible for the activities or consequences of use or misuse of any information that occurs under your Account in cases, including, where You have failed to update Your revised mobile phone number and/or e-mail address on the Website Platform.

Kaynaat does not endorse any Content or any opinion, statement, recommendation, or advice expressed therein, and Kaynaat expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with User Content. Kaynaat does not permit copyright infringing activities and infringement of intellectual property rights on the Platform, and Kaynaat may, at its sole discretion, remove any infringing Content if properly notified in accordance with applicable law that such Content infringes on another's intellectual property rights. Kaynaat reserves the right to remove any Content without prior notice. Kaynaat may also terminate a user's access to the Platform if they are determined to be a repeat infringer or found to be indulging in any act contrary to these Terms. A repeat infringer is a user who has been notified of infringing activity more than twice and/or has had a user submission removed from the Platform more than twice. Further, at its sole discretion, Kaynaat reserves the right to decide whether any Content is appropriate and complies with these Terms.

You acknowledge and agree that Kaynaat shall not be liable for your interactions with any organizations and/or individuals on the Platform or through the Service. This includes, but is not limited to, payment and delivery of goods and services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties, or representations associated with any interaction you may have with other organizations and/or individuals. These dealings are solely between you and such organizations and/or individuals. You agree and acknowledge that Kaynaat shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any such dealings or interactions. If there is a dispute between participants on the Platform, or between users and any third party, you understand and agree that Kaynaat is under no obligation to become involved in such dispute. In the event that you have a dispute with one or more other users, you hereby release Kaynaat, its officers, employees, agents, and successors from any and all claims, demands, and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind or nature, known or unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way related to such disputes and/or our Service.

You acknowledge and agree that Kaynaat may establish limits from time to time concerning the use of the Service, You acknowledge that your account is identified and linked through your mobile number or email address through which you have registered. In the event you have more than one account linked through your mobile number or email address, Kaynaat reserves the right to remove or restrict the usage of such duplicate accounts. You acknowledge and agree that Kaynaat has no responsibility or liability for the deletion or failure to store any Content maintained or transmitted by the Platform or the Service. You acknowledge and agree that Kaynaat reserves the right at any time to modify, limit or discontinue the Service (or any part thereof) with or without notice and that Kaynaat shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any such modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service. You acknowledge and agree that Kaynaat, in its sole and absolute discretion, has the right (but not the obligation) to delete or deactivate your account, block your e-mail or IP address, or otherwise terminate your access to or use of the Service (or any part thereof), immediately and without notice, and remove and discard any Content within the Service, for any reason or no reason at all, including, without limitation, if Kaynaat believes that you have violated these Terms. Further, you agree that Kaynaat shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination of your access to the Platform or the Service. Further, you agree not to attempt to use the Service after any such termination.


As a registered Vendor, you are allowed to list item(s) for sale on the Platform in accordance with the Policies which are incorporated by way of reference in this Terms of Use. You must be legally able to sell the item(s) you list for sale on our Platform. You must ensure that the listed items do not infringe upon the intellectual property, trade secret or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy rights of third parties. Listings may only include text descriptions, graphics and pictures that describe your item for sale. All listed items must be listed in an appropriate category on the Platform. All listed items must be kept in stock for successful fulfilment of sales.

The listing description of the item must not be misleading and must describe actual condition of the product. If the item description does not match the actual condition of the item, you agree to refund any amounts that you may have received from the Buyer. You agree not to list a single product in multiple quantities across various categories on the Platform. We reserves the right to delete such multiple listings of the same product listed by you in various categories.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Following items are not allowed to be sold/displayed online at Please note that merchants/sellers are responsible for any legal issues and other liabilities arising if you try and sell these below mentioned items at We will cancel the listing(s) of prohibited and restricted items within 24 hours after we come to know about such occurrence.

1. Adult Material which includes pornography and other sexually suggestive materials (including literature, imagery and other media); escort or prostitution services

2. Alcohol including alcoholic beverages such as beer, liquor, wine or champagne)

3. Animals and Wildlife Products - examples include live animals, mounted specimens, and ivory

4. Artifacts prohibited for sale

5. Beta Software

6. Bootleg/Pirated Recordings

7. Bulk marketing tools which include email lists, software, or other products enabling unsolicited email messages (spam)

8. Cable descramblers and black boxes which includes devices intended to obtain cable and satellite signals for free

9. Child pornography which includes pornographic materials involving minors

10. Copies of unauthorized Copyrighted materials whether in electronic or physical form or any other medium which may not be in existence at present

11. Counterfeit Currency and Stamps

12. Drugs and drug paraphernalia which includes illegal drugs and drug accessories, including herbal drugs like salvia and magic mushrooms

13. Drug test circumvention aids which includes drug cleansing shakes, urine test additives, and related items

14. Endangered species which includes plants, animals or other organisms (including product derivatives) in danger of extinction

15. Firearms, Ammunition, Militaria and Knives

16. Fireworks, Explosives and Explosive Substances; toxic, flammable and radioactive materials and substances

17. Gaming/gambling which includes lottery tickets, sports bets, memberships/ enrolment in online gambling sites, and related content

18. Government IDs and Licenses which includes fake Ids, passports, diplomas and noble titles

19. Hacking and cracking materials which includes manuals, how-to guides, information, or equipment enabling illegal access to software, servers, watomites, or other protected property

20. Hazardous and Restricted Items

21. Human Parts and Remains

22. Items Encouraging Illegal Activity – examples include an eBook describing how to create methamphetamine

23. Miracle cures which includes unsubstantiated cures, remedies or other items marketed as quick health fixes

24. Multi level marketing collection fees

25. Copyright unlocking items that includes Mod Chips or other devices designed to circumvent copyright protection

26. Movie Prints

27. Offensive Material - examples include ethnically or racially offensive material or any literature, products or other materials that: a) Defame or slander any person or groups of people based on race, ethnicity,national origin, religion, sex, or other factors b) Encourage or incite violent acts c) Promote intolerance or hatred

28. Offensive goods, crime which includes crime scene photos or items, such as personal belongings, associated with criminals

29. Police, Army, Navy and Air force Related Items

30. Prescription drugs or herbal drugs or any kind of online pharmacies which includes drugs or other products requiring a prescription by a licensed medical practitioner

31. Replica and Counterfeit Items including imitations of designer goods; items without a celebrity endorsement that would normally require such an association, fake autographs, counterfeit stamps, and other potentially unauthorized goods

32. Stocks and Other Securities or related financial products

33. Stolen Property

34. Surveillance Equipment

35. Tobacco and cigarettes includes cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and related products

36. Weapons which includes firearms, ammunition, knives, brass knuckles, gun parts, and other armaments

37. Wholesale currency which includes discounted currencies or currency exchanges

38. Matrix sites or sites using a matrix scheme approach

39. Any other product or service which is not in compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations whether federal, state, local or international including the laws of India



1. The vendor shall be responsible for any delivery, after-sales service, payment, invoicing or collection, sales enquiries, support maintenance services and/or any other obligations or services relating to or in respect of the Products/services provided by Vendors to end users. Such services shall be the sole responsibility of the Vendor/vendors.

2. If any dispute raised by the End Users regarding the products/services, the vendor shall be obliged, forthwith, either to take back or withdraw defective goods or to withdraw or discontinue deficient services, or if fails to rectify defective goods or deficient services, then to refund the consideration within the period stipulated in the bill or cash memo or receipt or in the absence of such stipulation, within a period of Five days.

3. If Vendor is unable to resolve any End User complaints to the satisfaction of the End User, Kaynaat reserves the right at its sole discretion to suspend the Services / terminate the Services or take any other remedy as it may deemed appropriate.

4. The vendor acknowledges and accepts that vendor is solely responsible (i) for falsely describing its product or service; or (ii) to give a false guarantee to, or is likely to mislead the consumers as to the nature, substance, quantity or quality of such product or service; or (iii) to deliberately conceals important information in relation to any product or service; or (iv) for falsely representing about the standard, quality, quantity, grade, composition, style or model of goods/products; or (v) for falsely represents about the standard, quality or grade of services; or (vi) for falsely representing any re-built, second-hand, renovated, reconditioned or old goods as new goods; or (vii) for falsely representing about the sponsorship, approval, performance, characteristics, accessories, uses or benefits of goods or services; or (viii) for falsely representing about the sponsorship or approval or affiliation; or (ix) makes a false or misleading representation concerning the need for, or the usefulness of, any goods or services; or (x) gives to the public any false warranty or guarantee of the performance, efficacy or length of life of a product or of any goods: or (xi) gives false or misleading facts disparaging the goods, services or trade; or (xii) for the goods do not comply with the standards prescribed by the competent authority relating to performance, composition, contents, design, constructions, finishing or packaging as are necessary to prevent or reduce the risk of injury to the person using the goods; (vi) for manufacturing of spurious goods or offering such goods for sale or adopting deceptive practices in the provision of services; (vii) for not issuing bill or cash memo or receipt for the goods sold or services rendered in such manner as may be prescribed; (ix) for disclosing to other person any personal information given in confidence by the user/consumer unless such disclosure is made in accordance with the provisions of any law for the time being in force.

5. The vendors shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of all information and/or validity of the Prices and any other charges and/or other information relating to the Products and/or services. The vendors shall be solely responsible for the price to be charged by them in accordance with law time being in force.

6. The vendor acknowledges that it shall be solely responsible for all materials/information and its use of Kaynaat’s directory services. The Vendor/vendor agrees that nothing in its Materials/information or its use of the Directory Services will be false, misleading, defamatory, harassing, or threatening, will constitute unfair competition or unfair commercial practice, will violate any applicable Law, or will infringe or misappropriate the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party. The vendor is solely responsible for the activities of any contractor, representative, or any of its agents or other persons acting on its behalf in connection with this contract. The Vendor/vendor will ensure that it’s complying with all applicable Law, including Law related to data protection and privacy.

7. The vendor acknowledges that Kaynaat is not responsible for the goods or services, or any dispute between the vendors & end users. It is the responsibility of the vendors to resolve any dispute or claim raised by end users.

8. The vendor acknowledges that Kaynaat is basically proving directory service and do not seek any fulfilment of the product / services delivered or not, and it is the vendor responsibility to deliver the goods & services whose business is listed on Kaynaat’s platform.

9. The vendor acknowledges that Kaynaat shall not be responsible for any fault, imperfection, shortcoming or inadequacy in the quality, quantity, potency, purity or standard or nature and manner of performance of any product or of any goods/services, sold by sellers/Vendors listed with Kaynaat’s directory service, which is required to be maintained by or under any law.

No Guarantee of Business

Kaynaat does not guarantee that enquiries/leads will be generated by it for the Vendor or that any of such enquiries/leads will be converted into business for the Vendor.

Additionally, you agree not to:

1. Contact anyone who has asked not to be contacted, or makes unsolicited contact with anyone for any commercial purpose, specifically, contact any user to post an advertisement on a third-party website or post any advertisement on behalf of such user; or to "stalk" or otherwise harass anyone;

2. Make any libelous or defamatory comments or postings to or against anyone.

3. Collect personal data about other users or entities for commercial or unlawful purposes

4. Any Content uploaded by you shall be subject to relevant laws and may disabled, or and may be subject to investigation under appropriate laws. Furthermore, if you are found to be in non-compliance with the laws and regulations, these terms, or the privacy policy of the Site, we may terminate your account/block your access to the Site and we reserve the right to remove any non-compliant Content uploaded by you.

5. Post Content that is outside the local area or not relevant to the local area, repeatedly post the same or similar Content, or otherwise impose unreasonable or disproportionately large loads on our servers and other infrastructure.

6. Post the same item or service in multiple classified categories or forums, or in multiple metropolitan areas;


(i) Kaynaat allows the Vendor/User to make the payments for the Services, including the payment of the Service/Listing Fee, i.e., the Total Fee including Service Fee/ Tax by way any of the following modes: (a) Cheque; (b) Demand Draft; (c) RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement); (d) Online payment through various channels such as UPI, net banking, debit card and credit card (“Payment Gateway”)

(ii) It is hereby clarified that Kaynaat does not encourage/prefer that payments be made in cash. Any cash payments made by the Vendor/User pursuant to Terms of Service with Kaynaat, shall be at the sole risk of the Vendor/User, without any recourse to Kaynaat. Vendors shall not share to any employee of RightProcess Servvices Pvt Ltd any banking related information or any information that is considered to be sensitive personal information.

(iii) Payments can be made by the Vendor/User one time sign up fees as directed by Kaynaat. We will make best efforts to activate the Terms Of Service within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the Service Fee for the respective Listing (subject to delay due to technical malfunctions). However We will not be liable in any manner for any delay in activating the Service of Vendor.

(iv) You have the ability to provide us your Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) on the platform. Your GSTIN details are mandatory for passing on the credit of GST charged. In case you fail to provide us with your GSTIN details, we will assume that you are not registered with the GST authorities, without independently verifying your registration status.

Promo Code:

These terms and conditions apply to those promos where you must redeem a promo code as part of the offer.

• The promo code is valid for a lifetime.

• The promo code can be used only once per order, unless otherwise specified.

• The promo code applies to online orders, services and offline orders (not for used products). Details are specified in the promo.

• The promo is subject to all restrictions set forth in the offer.

• The promo applies only to orders/services shipped to the same address.

• The promo code is not transferable, may not be resold or redeemed for cash.

• If you return/cancel items/services purchased using a promo code, we will credit the value of the promo code.

• Promo code can be used each time and therefore cannot be combined with other offers using promo code.

• Kaynaat reserves the right to void the transactions where prohibited.

• You can add funds directly to your promo code.

If you violate any of the Terms and Conditions, the promo will be invalid, and the promo code discount will not apply.

Kaynaat reserves the right to update these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Refer & Earn:

• Your Friend/ Relative must not have registered with us before.

• The phone number which your friend will use to sign up shouldn’t have been used earlier for Kaynaat.

• If your friend uses someone else’s referral code, the person whose referral code is used will get the benefits even if you had referred him/her first.

• Amount earned from Refer & Earn will be credited to Referral Wallet.

• Referral wallet amount will be transferred to your bank/wallet updated by you.

• You cannot add funds directly to your Kaynaat referral account. Only referral amount will get added to the wallet.

• Kaynaat reserves all rights to change the amounts conferred under Refer and Earn program at any point in time.

• Kaynaat may suspend or terminate the Refer and Earn program at any time for any reason at their discretion.

• ASL reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice. Modifications of these terms will be effective from the time they are updated in the Terms and Conditions section.